Here we stand, at the twilight of Empire in America, political partisanship more polarized than ever, the only victors of our political system Corporations, Corporations, Corporations.

Sometime in the last ten or fifteen years we crossed a threshold, one that we so far aren’t even aware we have crossed, a threshold where Corporations have transcended Law and now stand “too big to fail,” and further, too big to be held accountable. Whether Goldman Sachs or British Petroleum, Wal-Mart or Halliburton, Americans have dedicated themselves to just one, and only one, ultimate value–Low Prices on consumer goods. Everything else, quite literally, can be externalized.

This blog is dedicated to the cataloging of various atrocities and wonders of the Corporate-Government landscape.

My first novel, Supercenter, is currently available on Amazon.

  • City Snakes

    I am so grateful this blog exists. Watching great cities become strip malls is so very depressing.