“Ann Coulter had found the perfect recipe: treating news spaces as comedy platforms where she could deliberately make ridiculous statements to infuriate liberals who would be too dense to notice what was going on.”

Terrific article on Salon.com and truly the “last word” anyone needs on Ann Coulter, who, I will add, should also be counted out as a poor performance artist and a poor comedian. Obviously, this is her bag, again, to quote the article, “She seemed less interested in her notion of justice but significantly more concerned with inflicting outrage on the American public. Society was stupid, and she was going to screw with it.”

She isn’t masterful or brilliant for what she does. Rush Limbaugh, the same brand of comedian/clown, now he’s brilliant. Where Rush leaves an unwitting, informed listener rebutting his backwards claims with a genuine dialogue and desire for truth, Coulter leaves one simply saying, “What the fuck is the matter with you?” That, or speechless with repulsion.

At least her act is wearing thin, but don’t expect her to go away, that is, until somebody comes along and does it better than her. Share this article from Salon with people who aren’t already “in” on the gag (sorry to use that word, it assumes she is actually funny.) As a self-described Republican myself, I’d love an opportunity to take her place, and will begin by saying (is this thing on?) that we should begin rounding up democrats and systematically killing them because that is our only hope in defeating Obama who is acting exactly like Hitler did in World War II.

It is a bit mind-boggling that right-wing media doesn’t mind having a clown in their camp of purported “straight journalists,” but then again, right-wing media and conservative politics in general are antagonistic toward information and public knowledge, so anything to muddy the water could be construed as a good thing.

Full article here.

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