Homebrew Expense Calculator

Hello fellow homebrewer! You have found the right page! You are only one click away from the Homebrew Calculator, but please read the following first.

And here is where you can find the equipment listed in the book.

Also mentioned in the book:

This wonderful bottle priming calculator.

This wonderful all-grain mash and sparge water calculator.

And here’s me with my huge system:

Brewlandia from Geoff Peterson on Vimeo.


Double-burner with 15 gallon "keggle", 5-gallon glass carboys in the foreground. That's me on the left.

Three 15-gallon keggles on burners and a cooler mashtun in the foreground, along with my custom-made cherry wood mash paddle.

Here's the two 10-gallon mash tuns and to the far right the counterflow wort chiller on top of yet another mash tun